M & M

Just a short walk from my home, there is this beautiful place I don’t go to often enough.

Goldene Heimat – Short Film

“Goldene Heimat” is a short film, a friends project and she asked me to be a part of it. I took a bunch of photos on set and helped out enough to get credit as “second assistant audio”, while having a whole lot of fun.

before sunset

Before sunset Two things that finally happened in my last couple of days in Austria: 1. My beautiful friend Ligia visited and we took photos. 2. My sister Rosa & I found the time for a project long due.

leaving Austria

leaving Austria I think the word I use most in this little blogpost texts is busy and the phrase you read most often is “sorry I didn’t post anything for a while”. Not that I’m ever really sorry, not lately, I live any enjoy my life to the fullest and yes, capturing and sharing moments with you is a great part of that but sometimes just experiencing things and making memories is more important. I am leaving tomorrow, once again, for Chicago. Planning on staying there a whole year, mixed feelings, of course, but excitement is the one I choose. The next weeks are gonna be exhausting in a good way and oh there are so many plans made and to be made… These photos are from a summer in Austria. A special post with impressions and artsy portraits from our family vacation in Croatioa is coming soon. Then it’s all Chicago (or the USA, let’s see how much I get to travel)… Merken Merken


sisters When I moved back to Graz I lived with my mom and sisters. Goes without saying we had lots of little photoshoots…


home I graduated from graphic design school and not having to study still feels surreal. Soon I will go home to live with my beautiful mom and sisters for the summer. I’m happy.

the youngest

the youngest I’m still in the progress of getting used to how my youngest sister is so grown up. Our idea of quality time spent together still is photoshoots and movie nights though, I guess some things never change.

my dear friends

my dear friends Every once in a while I find the time to go home, visit my family and my best friend Marie. She’s the best. Next to my sisters, she was one of my first models and now her boyfriend Chris has no choice but to come along.