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Since we moved, my youngest sister has not put anything on the walls in her bedroom so for her birthday in September, I wanted to print one of the photos I took in croatia.

Right around that time I got an e-mail with a proposal from Jonathan, who works at ZOR.com.

ZOR offers custom size and large photo prints on acrylic glass, aluminium and Forex/PVC.

They claim to have the best prices on the market, which I can not disprove. What I got is a 60×40 cm pvc/forex print they sell for 11,99€ so I feel like it’s safe to say they are the cheapest. Which made me doupt the quality a little but since they offered me a free print in exchange for an honest review of their service and my experience with them, I had nothing to lose.

They are based in Belgium and their website is translated to several languages, English and German among them which made ordering the print easy for me. There are some parts of the website they missed when translating (like the screenshots on the “how to order” help-page) but even without knowing any French or Dutch I had no problem ordering this print.

Only .png or .jpg files are permitted but they suggest to upload photos in Adobe-RGB color space and offer ICC profile for soft proofing – so the colors on my print turned out right how I wanted them to be.

The quality was better than expected (because of the price) too, not pixelated at all. I never printed on a pvc screen before so I was a little irritated by how soft it is (the image that’s mainly white is the back of the photo with a fingernail-scratch), but I guess that’s just how it’s supposed to be. It arrived on time and packaged good enough to not be damaged, I really can not complain. If I ever need another larger print I might order there because I can’t imagine getting something with similar quality for any cheaper or even just a little more expensive anywhere else.

My sister likes it a lot too and she’s impatiently waiting for me to finish up with the rest of the croatia photos. I haven’t forgot about them, I just have a lot of other things to do right now.



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